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  • Natural draft burner
  • Forced draft burner
  • Flame rod amplifier
  • Piezoelectric ignition
  • Piezoelectric ignition EEx-d
  • Combustion
  • Venturi burners
  • Venturi burners
  • Forced draft burner
The VB-burner series,


The FDB-burner series,



are simple, robust and user-friendly natural drat burners, which provide a high reliability in most industrial combustion process applications; the design not only guarantees a Low NOx performance, but is especially appreciated in all those environmental applications where electrical power is difficult or not available. If requested, VB-burner can be supplied with Wind-box and flame arrestor.


are heavy duty forced draft burners, with a special designed mechanical linkage, which includes the burner combustion air damper as well as the fuel gas regulating valve; the simultaneous modulation of both, provides at any stage of combustion process an optimum fuel/air mixture. FDB-burners are the best “all in one” and “free of maintenance“ solution, to bolt directly on your furnace.