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  • High energy ignition
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Portable HEI System



(High Energy Ignition System) used in flare systems, to ignite and monitor manually and/or automatically the flare pilots, are engineered and manufactured by GIE to meet customer requirements, based on well-experience filed practice; for all those environmental applications where electrical power is difficult or not available, the system can be supplied with Solar Cell System.


(Portable High Energy Ignition System) used for ignition of burners, where ignition system is not provided or electrical power is not available; the powerful high energy spark will ignite gas and light oil burners; This igniter stands out for its lightness and handiness despite being certified for hazardous areas classified ATEX II 2GD Ex-d IIC T5 IP66 (TR-CU, and others). Internal rechargeable battery pack and external battery charger are designed to ensure an safe and user-friendly maintenance.